About Us

EWO is a provincial non-profit comprised of post-secondary, publicly-funded institutions in Ontario that offer Co-operative Education, Work-Integrated & Experiential Learning

We are comprised of 26 member institutions from Ontario’s Universities and Colleges
with 290 members.

What is Experiential and Work-Integrated
Learning Ontario?


Our Vision

To shape the future of Ontario’s economy and workforce through leadership in post-secondary Experiential and Work-Integrated Learning.


Our Mission

To provide a consolidated voice for Ontario’s Experiential and Work-Integrated Learning sector as we promote and enable the successful integration of students and industry


Our Values

Supporting Ontario’s practitioners in Experiential and Work-Integrated Learning to focus on:

Student-Centered Approach

While acknowledging the brilliant collaboration between students, government, industry, and higher education that make Experiential and Work-Integrated Learning successful for all stakeholders.


We believe life-long learning happens inside and outside of the classroom and it is our collective responsibility to promote meaningful learning experiences for our community, including practitioners.


We endeavor to demonstrate high standards of professionalism, honesty, transparency, and fairness while committed to representing the best interest of our stakeholders.


We know that our strength is derived from the diversity of our community and we fundamentally believe that all students deserve equitable access to Experiential and Work-Integrated Learning experiences.

EWO Board Members

Thank you to each of the volunteer board members of Experiential & Work-Integrated Learning in Ontario for their tireless advocacy for improving co-op opportunities for students and employers.

Board Members

Ross Johnston | University of Waterloo

Vice President
Elaine Fenner | University of Guelph

Matthew Rempel | Sheridan College

Nicole Miller | University of Ottawa

Director At Large
David Waddington | Mohawk College

Director At Large
Joanne Foxton | Georgian College

Director At Large
Julia Zhu | University of Brock

Director At Large
Kristen Morris | University of Windsor

Director At Large
Matt Wheatley | Algonquin College

Honourary Board Member
Kitty Runstedler | Conestoga College

Committee Chairs

Award & Recognition Committee Co-Chairs
Lauren Broderick | University of Waterloo & Trent Jarvis | Mohawk College

Communication and Marketing Committee Chair
Kristen Morris | University of Windsor

Community Partnership Committee Chair
Ross Johnston | University of Waterloo

Finance Committee Chair
Matt Rempel | Sheridan College

Governance Committee Chair
Nicole Miller | University of Ottawa

Membership Relations Committee Co-Chairs
Elaine Fenner | University of Guelph & Joanne Foxton | Georgian College

Policy and Government Relations Committee Co-Chair
Julia Zhu | Brock University

Professional Development Committee Co-Chair
David Waddington | Mohawk College & Nicole Miller | University of Ottawa

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee Co-Chairs
Colleen Phillips-Davis | University of Waterloo & Griffith D’Souza | Ryerson University

Experiential Learning
Joanne Islip | Sheridan College

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Member Testimonials

“Being a member of EWO has helped me learn from colleagues through amazing PD sessions, networking sessions, and conferences. I have also had the opportunity to get involved as a board member and through multiple committees, which has allowed me to contribute to the direction of EWO and the industry. EWO continues to grow and create value for its members, and I am proud to be a member of the organization.”

Griffith D’Souza

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chair
Ryerson University

“It has been wonderful to see EWO go from strength to strength and become a visible and viable voice for Co-op and WIL programs in Ontario. Through building our Provincial networks we support WIL across the country. Well done EWO!”

Dr. Norah McRae

Associate Provost, Co-operative and Experiential Education
University of Waterloo

As the Co-Chair/Chair of the Awards and Recognition Committee from 2017-2019 Ashley enjoyed connecting with colleagues from all over the province and celebrating the success of our Co-op and WIL students. Ashley also regularly participates in EWO annual conferences and webinars to stay current on trends and to connect with colleagues. “I am truly grateful for the opportunities that EWO provides to connect with and learn from professionals within the EL/WIL space”. 

Ashley Carnrite

Georgian College, EWO Member

“It has been an absolute pleasure to sit on the EWO Awards and Recognition committee over the past four years and to have been able to serve as a co-chair for this committee over the past two years. This experience has provided me with so many incredible opportunities, from building collaborative relationships with partners from across various institutions, to developing further leadership skills, and most importantly, to recognizing and honouring incredible students who have contributed to our communities. I would highly encourage anyone considering joining a committee to explore opportunities with EWO.”

Lauren Broderick - CECA Headshots 04072017 - Tatham Centre University of Waterloo-0001

Lauren Broderick

Awards and Recognition Committee Chair from UWaterloo
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