How Students Can Help

Students can make a positive impact on your organization while helping you achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

When is hiring/working with a student a good option for your organization?

“Students bring a deep sense of intellectual curiosity, creativity and analytical skills. We recently hired an Arts student in our department who’s demonstrated a high degree of technical proficiency to support huge transformational projects, economical coordinating and operationalizing support.”
Economical Insurance
HR partner

Benefits of hiring/working with a student:

“We have had the pleasure of hiring two brilliant students over the past 2 years who have performed at an exceptional level. One student has been with us for many work terms and has become a valued member of both our team and the full company. Her high performance level and ability to adapt to all kinds of projects has made her a real asset to our team. The program allows students to really experience a work environment and learn first-hand what it means to work in the real world.”
The Central Group
Marketing Communications Manager
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