WIL/EL Open Educational Resources (OER)

Experiential Learning Toolkit

Experiential Learning Toolkit – resources for authentic, impactful learning (eltoolkit.ca)
No matter what role you play or what stage you’re at in designing, delivering, engaging or evaluating experiential learning at your institution, you will be impressed by the work and collaboration that went into developing the Experiential Learning Toolkit and all the resources it has to offer. Learn how you can leverage this OER toolkit as an EL professional.

A Niagara College, Georgian College and Brock University collaboration.

Work-Learn Institute

The Work-Learn Institute Blog
The Work-Learn Institute (WxL) is the only research unit of its kind dedicated to the development of talent through quality WIL opportunities.

Work-Learn Institute (uwaterloo.ca)  |  Experts in Work-Integrated learning (WIL): Future-proven research from a global leader in WIL.

EDI in Practice, Exploring Equity, Diversity and Inclusion through Simulation

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Practice – Open Textbook (torontomu.ca)
EDI in Practice is an online seven-module program for students participating in EL courses to provide an active way to deepen their understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) before going into real-life situations. The seven modules are interactive, as learners go through a series of simulated experiences and connected exploration of concepts in equity, personal biases, and opportunities to learn best practices in inclusion.

For more information on the EDI in Practice, contact:
Sabina Chatterjee, Project Manager, Equity Partnerships and Training, Experiential Learning, at sabina.chatterjee@torontomu.ca

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