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Why consider learning
beyond the classroom?

With a fiercely competitive job market, classroom learning alone may no longer be enough for students to attract potential employment situations post-graduation. Experiential Learning offerings, co-operative education programs and other forms of work-integrating learning (WIL) in post-secondary environments aid students in building a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise that compliments their classroom learning and prepares them for successful employment opportunities after graduation.

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.”
– Confucius

Experiential Learning

Experiential Education helps facilitate learning through the application of hands-on learning experience and requires individuals to reflect upon their learning. Experiential Education provides rich learning opportunities, advancing the learning outcomes of a course or academic program while creating student career development and a positive student experience.

Students engage in Experiential Learning when they participate in a concrete learning experience and reflect on that experience, making connections to disciplinary theory, their own performance, learning outcomes, and future applications. Experiential Learnings ultimately allows students to think outside of the box and gain a wide variety of transferable skills.

"Seeking these kinds of opportunities not only lets you develop and shine, but lets the community you serve develop and shine, too."
Nida Ansari
Program: Honours Psychology
Post-secondary Institution: University of Guelph


Co-operative education programs integrate valuable work experience with professional development activities and classroom learning to ensure that students develop the transferable skills employers are looking for. If enrolled in Co-op, students will be given constant feedback on their strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve and develop throughout the program of study. While on a work term, students will submit learning objectives to identify which skills they would like to develop on the job. Throughout this process, students will participate in a mid-term assessment and be given feedback on their progress and work with their supervisor to ensure their placement meets their expectations. Students also make life-long contacts and build their network which will help them find employment upon graduation.

"I think about how I was able to continuously reinvent myself and produce a better version of myself each year. It was my ability to creatively articulate my skills to employers that led from my first work term, which was a customer service representative to my last work term which will be Junior Analyst for the Government of Canada.”
Maddie Bell
Program: Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
Post Secondary Institution: Brock University


Work Integrated Learning gives students a well-rounded education by allowing students to network with professionals from their industry, apply classroom learning, develop valuable workplace skills, earn money to help with tuition costs, explore different career opportunities, and much more!

Students also have the resources and help to build on their resume by adding relevant work experience, access job postings only available to work-integrated learning students, gain perspective on their industry, and receive guidance and assistance with their job search.

The value that these programs provide to students is not only necessary for their personal and professional development but is also a proven model that allows students to become successful in the job competition of their chosen industry and secure employment as soon as they graduate.

“I chose a program with an internship to gain industry experience and enhance my technical and soft skills which would help me in building a professional career.”
Dheeraj Attanti
Program: Master of Applied Computing
Post Secondary Institution: University of Windsor
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