WIL and EL Student of the Year Awards

Nomination Guidelines

The EWO WIL/EL Student of the Year Awards recognize the achievement of one University student (or group) and one College student (or group) engaged in Work-Integrated Learning.

The WIL/EL Student of the Year Award is presented to one student (or group) attending a university and one student (or group) attending a college, who have showcased exceptional job/community/project achievement, extra-curricular involvement, and a strong contribution to Work-Integrated/Experiential Learning.

The winning student/group receives an award of $750.

Are You Eligible?

EWO institutions are asked to nominate up to two candidates or groups that exemplify the qualities of exceptional WIL/EL.
To be eligible, the student(s) must:

Be a full-time student in an undergraduate, graduate, diploma, advanced diploma, or certificate program at the institution.

Complete the nominated experience within the calendar year.

Be nominated by an individual from an EWO member institution or a participating co-op employer / community partner.

Selection Points Criteria:


Job / Community / Project Achievement


Contribution to Work-Integrated / Experiential Learning


Personal Statement


Contribution to Extra-curricular Activities


Overall Assessment / Personal Comments

Nomination Package Checklist:

*NEW* for 2023: Online Nomination Form.
The nomination information required is essentially the same as previous years:

Institution Information
  • Including contribution to WIL / EL
Student Information


  • Student Reflection on WIL/EL
  • Student’s Current Resume
    WIL/EL experience should be clearly identified and noted with dates. Extracurricular and community activities, scholarships and awards, etc. should also be noted. (2 pages maximum)
  • Student’s Portfolio (Optional)
    Any items that will provide a better idea of who you are as a person. You may submit photocopies of articles, employer evaluations, letters of recommendation, published work, awards and citations, etc. (2 pages maximum)
Employer Information
  • including feedback on performance and contribution to the WIL/EL Experience

Submission Deadline:

All nomination materials must be submitted digitally no later than January 31, 2024.

Please submit the required nomination information listed above via the following Google Form (gmail account required): https://forms.gle/7isQx6ZZJHW8Xk7W7

Instructions For Submitting a Nomination

Please cover the following points in your statement.
Where possible please be specific in your examples and offer any insight you may have on the student’s work habits and character:

Employer / Community Partner Nomination

  • The student’s (or group’s) duties/responsibilities;
  • The student’s (or group’s) performance in comparison to your expectations or in comparison to other WIL/EL students;
  • Any outstanding work/community/project achievements (cost savings, process/quality improvements, design/development innovations, improved customer service, significant research or other initiatives etc.);
  • How this student or group, or WIL/EL students in general, have benefited your department / company / community.

Institution Nomination

  • The student’s (or group’s) achievement in the WIL/EL program;
  • Any achievements, awards, and extracurricular activities that you feel are worthy of mention;
  • The student’s (or group’s) activities in support of WIL/EL education
    Any insights on the student’s (or group’s) personal qualities you feel warrant consideration.

Important: Ensure completed WIL/EL experiences meet EWO/CEWIL’s Definition of WIL/EL.

Student/Group Nomination

  • Describe how work-integrated learning has enhanced your career development, personal development, and academic experience;
  • Your involvement in extra-curricular activities at school and/or how you have given back to the community.
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